To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year, the project of the EU-China Young Cultural Ambassador will co-host the first Ingenuity Cup International Youth Painting and Calligraphy Invitation Competition, 2018 with the Culture and Arts Committee of the China Senior Professors Association, Water Cube Youth Development Center, China-Belgium Art Culture Society. The panel of judges is made up of artists from more than ten renowned academies and museums in China and Europe, including Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liège, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Vincent Van Gogh Huis, École Supérieure des Arts Mons, Union des Artistes d'Asie en France. We are sincerely inviting young artists from China and 28 EU member countries to join this event.Prize-winning works will be sent to the Annual Exhibition of EU-China Young Cultural Ambassador ingenuity Makes Dream of the 4th China Arts Festival in the EU.


All the participants from China and 28 EU member countries will be divided into three groups.